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Ulcinj, one of the oldest towns is placed southernmost on the Adriatic coast,  with the most sunny days on the Adriatic Sea,  is a mixture of the Orient and West, and at first sight reveals its dramatic three thousand year history. There are 25.000 habitants living in it, with nearly 20 km beaches,  from which  we have 15 km sandy beaches, with over 6000 h arable yard,  an olive grove with 88.000 trees, healthy characteristic of sand, mire and mineral sulphury water. The fine, medical sand is reach with salt and iodine, and cures rheumatic and other illnesses. In Ulcinj,  you will meet the most beautiful symphony of nature, the longest puryfying sun in the year, the sea clean like pearl ( the most cleanest sea in the world),  a vast area of the finest, sandy beaches,  , surrounded by  pine forest with plantation in the background, naturistic "Ada".

  It isn`t enough see Ulcinj, it has to be experiented, because it is unique example of beauty: unlimited   sandy beaches,  sea,  a river, a lake, mountains, the rich vegetationa

  Therefore, if you want to enjoy, visit Ulcinj, and the Hotel "Aida" located in it.







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